CSRS Philippines

No.NameBatchTraining Date
1Diane Faith Figueroa1 28-30 April 2014
2Ralph Benigno Aquino1 28-30 April 2014
3Mark Tom Mulingbayan1 28-30 April 2014
4Rainier Requinala1 28-30 April 2014
5Marionne Kristel Mariano1 28-30 April 2014
6Darius Castillo1 28-30 April 2014
7Jed Africa1 28-30 April 2014
8Marion Lara Tan1 28-30 April 2014
9Maria Socorro Garcia1 28-30 April 2014
10Daniele Mae Coronacion1 28-30 April 2014
11Vera R. Alejandria23-5 March 2015
12Shirley Pili23-5 March 2015
13Michelle Tan23-5 March 2015
14Maricel Quilao23-5 March 2015
15Dianna Karenina Felisario23-5 March 2015
16Renato Llorin23-5 March 2015
17Elson Homez23-5 March 2015
18Leandro Sean Villanueva23-5 March 2015
19Myka Keziah Marinda3 6-8 April 2016
20Crystal Joy Vistal3 6-8 April 2016
21Carissa Bernadette Pobre3 6-8 April 2016
22Camille Dela Rosa3 6-8 April 2016
23Geraldine Apostol3 6-8 April 2016
24Abigail Blanca Peña3 6-8 April 2016
25Ava Taniajura3 6-8 April 2016
26Jason Gavina3 6-8 April 2016
27Katrina Francisco3 6-8 April 2016
28Clairma Mangangey3 6-8 April 2016
29Joseph Ian Canlas3 6-8 April 2016
30Conrad Allan Alviz3 6-8 April 2016
31Atty. John Virgino3 6-8 April 2016
32Angela Rebueno3 6-8 April 2016
33Catherine Soliman-Radaza3 6-8 April 2016
34Elina Mendoza4 (PBE)2-4 Aug 2016
35Jerome Ferraris4 (PBE)2-4 Aug 2016
36Ma. Teresita Bueno4 (PBE)2-4 Aug 2016
37Kristin Koleen Palaganas4 (PBE)2-4 Aug 2016
38Maria Luisa Salud4 (PBE)2-4 Aug 2016
39Warren Joseph D. Dollente57-9 March 2017
40Antonio Carlos M. Maralit57-9 March 2017
41Benjamin L. Ramos Jr.57-9 March 2017
42Maila Katrina Y. Ilarde57-9 March 2017
43Joshua Hans Baquiran57-9 March 2017
44Joseph R. Rosal57-9 March 2017
45Yvonne G. Flores57-9 March 2017
46Jana Estacio57-9 March 2017
47Abigail Garcia57-9 March 2017
48Ian Caesar Gariando57-9 March 2017
49Justine G. Madlangsakay618-20 July 2017
50Joseph Anthony W Buduan618-20 July 2017
51Myrannor B. Handig618-20 July 2017
52Sergio L. Victoriano, Jr.618-20 July 2017
53Johanna Paola D. Poblete618-20 July 2017
54Simonette C. Lat 618-20 July 2017
55Gene Angelo P. Ferrer618-20 July 2017
56Wesley Caballa618-20 July 2017
57Antonio S. Semana Junior 618-20 July 2017

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GRI Standards Certified Training

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a non-governmental organization that develops and disseminates globally applicable voluntary Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. These guidelines has been developed through a multi-stakeholder process that incorporates the active participation of business, accountancy, investment, human rights, research and labour organizations from around the world.

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  • NCCR Holds 19th Asia Sustainability Report Rating (ASRRAT)

    November 8, 2023

    The National Center for Corporate Reporting (NCCR) again held the Asia Sustainability Report Rating (ASRRAT) 2023 ranking ceremony. The ASRRAT... View Article

  • ASRRAT 2023 : Call for Tenants

    August 22, 2023

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  • ICSP

    Institute of Certified Sustainability Practitioners

    The ICSP is a professional association reflecting and promoting the best in sustainability practice, research and reporting – all towards creating a momentum towards development which meets the needs of those living today without jeopardizing those seeking the same in the future.

    For both individual and organization members in business, academia and non-governmental areas, the ability to gain confidence among people who have a benchmarked certification along globally standard lines is a primary aim of the institute. In addition to building confidence in quality, the ICSP is aiming to set professional standards to help ensure that users and providers can be on the same page.

    About NCCR

    NCCR in Brief

    NCCR is the first independent organization to develop sustainability reporting in Indonesia and the first organization to introduce the term “sustainability report” in Indonesia.

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