Benefits of GRI Reporting


Research shows that a systematic approach to sustainability reporting helps to:

  • Improve sustainability performance.
  • Improve risk management and investor communications.
  • Engage stakeholders and improve stakeholders relations.
  • Motivate and engage employees.
  • Build credibility as a committed and effective corporate citizen.
  • Strengthen internal data management and reporting systems.
  • Improve sustainability strategy and selection of performance indicators and targets.
  • Benchmark sustainability performance against self and others.

If your organization is thinking about preparing a report but doesn’t know where to start or how to  take the first step, this training is ideal for you. If your organization is already reporting, but  you are new to the reporting team, this training is ideal for you.

If you are an experienced reporter but want to review, improve or discover the latest in best practices, this training is ideal for you.

This two-day intensive workshop will introduce you to the elements of a good sustainability report  using the GRI’s five step process: prepare, connect, define, monitor and report and prepare you to  coordinate the sustainability reporting process.

The GRI Standards Certified Training Program empowers participants to begin or improve their  sustainability reporting using the world’s leading sustainability reporting Standards.

The training is given in a working group format. Student participation should be active.

Sustainability reports based on the GRI Standards can be used to benchmark organizational performance with respect to laws, norms, codes, performance standards
and voluntary initiatives; demonstrate organizational commitment to sustainable development; and compare organizational performance over time.

GRI promotes and develops this standardized approach to reporting to stimulate demand for sustainability information—which will benefit reporting organizations and those who use report information alike.




GRI Standards Certified Training

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a non-governmental organization that develops and disseminates globally applicable voluntary Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. These guidelines has been developed through a multi-stakeholder process that incorporates the active participation of business, accountancy, investment, human rights, research and labour organizations from around the world.

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  • ICSP

    Institute of Certified Sustainability Practitioners

    The ICSP is a professional association reflecting and promoting the best in sustainability practice, research and reporting – all towards creating a momentum towards development which meets the needs of those living today without jeopardizing those seeking the same in the future.

    For both individual and organization members in business, academia and non-governmental areas, the ability to gain confidence among people who have a benchmarked certification along globally standard lines is a primary aim of the institute. In addition to building confidence in quality, the ICSP is aiming to set professional standards to help ensure that users and providers can be on the same page.

    About NCCR

    NCCR in Brief

    NCCR is the first independent organization to develop sustainability reporting in Indonesia and the first organization to introduce the term “sustainability report” in Indonesia.

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